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Facts you have to face as a business owner...

One out of 5.5 businesses sell…

Less than 20% of business owners who proactively list their business for sale, end up selling… Do you want to be one of those that actually sell?

Facing the inevitable exit…

Sooner or later, exiting your business must happen. Would you prefer a strategic, well-planned exit, or risk being part of the majority who might end up closing down their doors without a plan?

Beating the odds…

With only 1 in 5.5 businesses successfully selling… Isn't it better to develop a simple, yet effective exit strategy that can increase your chances of a successful sale?

Navigating the Complex Decisions of Business Ownership

As a business owner, you face myriad challenges that can aid your consideration of selling your business.

Whether it is retirement...

Health concerns...


A lifestyle change...

Shifts within your industry...

Declining revenues...

The need to relocate...

Or financial difficulties...

Each situation presents an opportunity.

Rather than contemplating closing down the business, it's crucial to assess the options available to you.

Understanding the true value of your business and exploring strategies to increase its worth can significantly impact the outcome of a sale.

This is where a business valuation becomes important.

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Key considerations as a business owner...

  • Before making any decisions, wouldn't you want to know the exact value of your business in the current market?
  • If the initial valuation doesn't meet your expectations… wouldn’t you consider restructuring your business for a higher selling price?
  • Suppose it takes an additional year to restructure your business for a higher sale price… would this be worth your time?

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Choosing to continue as-is, it might seem like the easiest path, and yes, you might still secure a reasonable price when you decide to sell.

However, by embracing the Exit Business Guide framework, you open the door to possibly achieving the maximum selling price for your business.

This framework is designed to guide you through this critical phase, ensuring you explore every avenue to enhance your business's value.

Introducing the Exit Business Guide

What sets the Exit Business Guide apart is our process: we are a team of investors and entrepreneurs with an eye open for opportunities…

Driven by the opportunity to drive new sales on established businesses.

Our focus is on business owners who are looking for a transition, contemplating retirement, facing health challenges, considering partnership opportunities, experiencing burnout, seeking a lifestyle change, aiming for business growth, navigating industry shifts, dealing with declining revenues, relocating, or encountering financial difficulties.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • General Financial Review: We will roughly analyze your company's financial health and performance to understand its current standing to come up with a fair SDE or EBITDA multiples.
  • Strategic Questioning: Expect thought-provoking questions aimed at revealing hidden opportunities and challenges within your business.
  • Selling Opportunity: Discover what you get when you partner with us, where making an offer within 30 to 90 days is possible.

If during our discovery call, you come to the realization that selling now is not the best option due to a low selling price, we partner with you to help you with the following:

  • Uncover the "Hidden Gem" strategy that could skyrocket your business's valuation without additional investment.
  • Learn the "Multiplier Magic" that can redefine your perception of your business's market worth.
  • Discover the "Exit Elevator" tactic that could fast-track your journey to a higher selling price.

Regardless of your decision to sell, you'll walk away from our call with a clear understanding of your business's valuation multiples, providing you a solid foundation for any future considerations.

This invaluable insight is our gift to you, to make sure you gain tangible value from our conversation.

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Schedule your discovery call now and take the first step towards finding out the value of your business. Whether you choose to sell or simply seek to understand your business's value, to then be able to sell at a higher selling price this call will help you with that.


Got questions?

How does the valuation process work?

The valuation process is a critical step in our acquisition approach.

The valuation is primarily focused on the current profitability or earnings of the business (along with other factors like competition, assets, and more).

To ensure an accurate valuation, we rely on concrete financial documents such as tax records, Profit & Loss statements, and Balance Sheets.

For businesses that are owner-operated, we utilize Seller's Discretionary Earnings (SDE) multiples, while professionally managed enterprises are evaluated based on EBITDA multiples.

This valuation phase is designed to offer you a transparent assessment of your business's value.

What information do I need to provide during the discovery call?

Prior to our discovery call, it's essential for us to receive information and financials about your company. This preparation enables us to have a thorough conversation during our discovery call, ensuring that we are both on the same page.

During the call, you can expect a structured yet easy and fun discussion led by a member of the Exit Business Guide (EBG) team. It is an open dialogue, making the call an enjoyable and informative experience for you as a business owner.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and assess its potential for acquisition by EBG, we follow a preset list of questions. These questions are really to have a better perspective of your business and your aspirations as a seller. Our primary objectives during this conversation are twofold:

  • Understanding Your Goals: We're keen to know what you're looking for in an exit. This could range from your desired selling price to specific terms you wish to include in the sale. Understanding your goals helps us bring you a better offer and eventually to meet your expectations.
  • Can we deliver on your wants?: It's crucial for us to determine whether BEG can meet your expectations and deliver on your specific wants as a seller. This involves evaluating the fit between your business's profile and our acquisition criteria, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome.

This discovery call is a pivotal step in the acquisition process, providing a platform for open communication and laying the groundwork for a potential partnership. With only a select percentage of businesses reaching this stage, being invited to a discovery call with EBG signifies the promising potential we see in your business.

How do you ensure a fair selling price for my business?

We ensure a fair selling price for your business by evaluating your financials and applying industry-standard SDE (for owner operator) and EBITDA (professionally managed) multiples.

This approach allows us to derive a valuation that accurately reflects your business's worth, ensuring transparency and fairness in the selling process.

What does the timeline look like for selling my business to you?

The timeline for selling your business to us typically ranges from 30 to 90 days or more, contingent on meeting our acquisition criteria.

As ready investors, we're prepared to expedite the process to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

How do you handle confidentiality during the sale process?

We are confidential throughout the entire conversation. If needed, we're prepared to sign NDAs for privacy and security reasons.

What makes your acquisition approach different from others?

What sets our acquisition approach apart is our flexible and efficient closing timeline. If you're looking to sell your business within a short window of 30 to 90 days, we're positioned to extend an offer, provided your business aligns with our acquisition criteria.

If the acquisition criteria is not met, we are more than happy to connect you to our 1000+ database of investors looking to make an offer on your business.

What happens to the existing employees and management team post-acquisition?

Post-acquisition, our approach is to retain the existing employees and management team, ensuring the business continues to operate smoothly. Our track record shows a strong preference for maintaining the current team infrastructure, as we believe in leveraging their expertise and experience.

Our role as investors and entrepreneurs is to introduce and implement strategic enhancements to increase the business's top-line revenue.

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Schedule your discovery call now and take the first step towards finding out the value of your business. Whether you choose to sell or simply seek to understand your business's value, to then be able to sell at a higher selling price this call will help you with that.